Conference Recap: Report from RVAA Board of Directors Meeting

Posted: 09/11/2011

We also do a quick run through of the Thursday luncheon so all the presenters know the order of presentations, and this gives us all a chance to know what the committees are presenting.

One area we did spend some time on was the board member candidates. After we voted to approve the roster of board members, we discussed the nomination process. As you’ll recall, we had more nominations than seats available – this is a good thing! As a result of the nominations, the nomination committee decided to hold an email vote of the membership. Given the circumstances and the timeline to work with, we felt the email vote was fair and equitable to all parties. Through this process, however, we realized that our bylaws are not as clear as they need to be in the areas of nominations and elections of Board members. As a result of the vote and discussion during the Board meeting, the Board resolved to improve the voting process and amend the bylaws reflecting the changes.

After this discussion, we then adjourned to enjoy all that the Hyatt and Huntington Beach had to offer.

If you have an interest in serving on the Board of Directors, please contact RVAA at 630-596-9004 or

Piar Adams Director of OEM Sales Carefree of Colorado