RVAA Committee Update: Membership Committee


The Membership Committee met on Dec. 12th to review our plan to meet the objectives for 2012.  Membership retention, new member education and mentoring, membership recruitment, and additional committee member recruitment are at the top of the list.

New Member Education and Mentoring

New member education and mentoring has and will be a priority for the upcoming year.  The committee members have set up a minimum of four occurrences to communicate with these members.  This includes:

  • Personal phone calls and e-mails to gauge the new members experiences surrounding the conference
  • A webinar to further educate the members on methods to make the most of the meetings and networking opportunities in Chicago in 2012
  • A phone call prior to the conference to address any issues and assist in scheduling suggestions will occur

Membership Recruitment

Membership recruitment is a main objective for the committee and following a record year for new member signups we have our work cut out for us.  However, with the new Service Member category the pool of potential members has increased considerably.  This year we will continue to actively pursue new members via various traditional methods and we will also solicit the current membership for viable potential candidates.

In addition, the enhancement of the RVAA website has made the sign up process even easier.  In the second half of the recruiting season for 2011 the committee was able to receive, review, vote and forward the applications to the board faster than ever before.  This entirely electronic process has further reduced expenses and potential errors that may have occurred with the previous hard copy method.

Membership Retention

Another main objective is membership retention, primarily focused on any current members who may be at risk of not renewing their membership for the coming year.  With any association, RVAA is comprised of businesses and without proper communication by the association as to the benefits of membership the perceived value may diminish.  Therefore, the Membership Committee is also charged with developing methods of reinforcing the value of membership to the representatives and addressing any questions they may have about maximizing their ROI.  This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Reinforcing the benefits of the Executive Conference
  • Encouraging members to participate in committees
  • Stressing the importance and value of the Best Practices program
  • Much more…

In Closing

The Membership Committee has experienced unparalleled results in attracting new members, retaining current members, and providing education and mentoring to new members.  However, a major objective must be to attract additional committee members who are committed to providing these services to further the association.  Therefore, if you or one of your associates would like to become an active participant on the Membership Committee please contact RVAA or myself for more information.

Trey Miller, Commercial Manager
Fan-Tastic Vent
RVAA Membership Committee Co-Chairman

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