A Baker's Dozen of Merchandising Rules

A Baker's Dozen of Merchandising Rules
Date Created: 2009-03-26

Here's a quick list of general rules which should be a basic component of any aftermarket store.

These are "baseline" rules which should be the beginning of your successful store - make certain you're following these simple guidelines to keep your store profitable.

  • Plan your displays before you begin to merchandise.  Put only one item on  a hook before stocking the entire area.
  • Assign prime display space to high demand items.
  • Use high demand departments and the parts counter to draw customers to the distant areas of the store.
  • Use promotional gondola ends to highlight top lines and special promotions.
  • Remerchanidise the store on a regular schedule.
  • Use price cards to draw attention to merchandise.
  • Group product lines in vertical displays.
  • Use cross-aisle merchandising to gain maximum exposure and create depth.
  • Establish bin widths according to item size and required inventory levels.
  • Put lower-priced items and slow-movers in display areas farthest from customer reach.
  • Leave aisle space to accommodate customer flow.
  • Feature top line items most prominently, and trade down if customer balks.
  • Use a logical sequence in establishing horizontal grouping of related items.