A Few Layout Tips You May Not Have Considered

A Few Layout Tips You May Not Have Considered
Date Created: 2009-03-26

The Store Entrance Area

Entrance areas are a significant component of any store layout.  When people first enter a store, they keep moving, afraid they may be hit from behind while they're adapting to the environment and deciding which way to proceed. This creates a transition zone where signs aren't read and not much selling occurs.Try to minimize this unproductive zone and help customers through it.

The Discount Table

Discount item areas are becoming a trend in all areas of retail as customers are looking for "dollar-store" type bargains.  This trend has also been emerging in the RV retail environment.  An RV accessory store owner took great pride in his discount sale table placed near the entrance to his store. Almost everybody who came in bought a sale item, he bragged.  Sale/Discount tables are a great idea, but they do often come at a cost.   Too many customers occupied themselves for too long at the discount table - and often never got beyond it never got beyond it to other sections of the store where the full-priced items were and on which the store's profits depended.  If you consider a special discount table - consider having it an area which is directly surrounded by full-price and high-profit items. 

Righties vs. Leftys

Because most people are right-handed, it's usually best to design a store layout so that customers move to the right when entering and to stock shelves with right-handed customers in mind.

Some Candy Behind the Counter

All across the retail world, more families are bringing the kids along when they shop - and this is no different at the RV dealership.  A simply tip you might want to keep in mind is to keep something behind the counter - perhaps a basket of candy - to take out and greet families with children.  More than just a good public relations gesture, it will allow you some time with the parents as well, who will for a moment be happy that their kids are occupied. 

It's an excellent opportunity for you to find out what kind of RV accessory the parents might be looking for, and what additional accessories can be cross-sold in the meantime.

An Example: When a loan officer at Wells Fargo Bank was asked for her most effective selling tool, she pulled out a lollipop. It gave her just enough uninterrupted time with a parent, she explained, to get the paperwork for a home-equity loan filled out.   Evaluate how many families are walking through your store on a daily basis - it will differ for every RV dealership. 

However, if you do have more than the occasional mom and dad with a few kids, a basket of candy behind the counter could be a quick and easy way to create an opportunity for customer contact and additionally to make a few new friends while you're at it.