Customer Shopping Patterns

Customer Shopping Patterns
Date Created: 2009-03-26

Recent surveys have reinforced some ideas that many have known for a long time - as consumers become more savvy and have less time in today's busy world, their shopping patterns are also changing.  This is important to consider when considering how to most effectively operate your RV Accessory store.

Many purchasing decisions are made in the store itself. In grocery stores, that can be as high as 60% to 70%. This means that products can live or die by the impressions and information gained on the selling floor, the positioning of a sign or product placement.

People with shopping baskets tend to buy more. Besides placing carts and baskets at the entrance, find ways to make them available throughout the store.Have store employees approach shoppers who have one or two items in hand and ask if they'd like a basket.

The "Interception Rate."  An important measure of a store's success is its "interception rate" -- the number of customers who have some kind of contact with a store employee. Surveys have shown that the more contact a shopper has with employees, the more he/she will buy.

An essential factor in increasing buyers is cutting waiting time. When shoppers have to wait too long for a salesclerk or cashier, their perception of the retailer's service plummets.

Physical contact isn't good for sales. People don't like to be bumped or jarred by other shoppers or staff. When they are, they tend to move away.