The "Unadvertised" In-Store Promotion

The "Unadvertised" In-Store Promotion
Date Created: 2009-03-26

How Merchandising and Display creates the impulse buy

A Retail Hardware Association survey revealed that 48% of customers surveyed purchased one or more items on IMPULSE.  50% of those who purchased on impulse remembered the need for the item after seeing it in the store.  77% of impulse sales are traced directly to merchandising/display techniques.

How To do it - Some Examples:

  • Set up in-store trailer display with "EVERYTHING 15% OFF-TODAY ONLY"
  • Set up table display with older and damaged merchandise (do not repackage) at "UP TO 70% SAVINGS"
  • Feature one department or category grouping such as 15% "OFF ALL ELECTRICAL PARTS!"
  • Use your imagination - or visit other retail outlets and model their techniques in your own dealership.