Three Biggest Mistakes in Upselling

Three Biggest Mistakes in Upselling
Date Created: 2009-03-26

Upselling is a tool utlilized throughout the marketplace to further products and enhance customer satisfaction.  Analyzing the results of many surveys and studies done on the practice of upselling, three consistent mistakes are seen as the major stumbling blocks which makes the upselling attempt unsuccessful.

These three mistakes are:

  • No attempt is made to upsell.
  • The salesperson comes across as too pushy.
  • The upselling is made unconvincingly so the customer generally refuses
  • In this issue of Aftermarket Success, you'll find techniques to deal with all three of these major obstacles.  Simply the upselling process and memorize these three problems, and work to utilize the tools you will find in this issue to make certain they don't throw a roadblock in your efforts to upsell at the RV dealership.