Three Ways To Make Upselling Automatic

Three Ways To Make Upselling Automatic
Date Created: 2009-03-26

Here are three favorite ways to build upselling into any purchase.

  1. Bundle several related products or services together. Drop the price below what the total would be if the customer bought all the products separately.  When a customer inquires about a single item, point out that he or she can get that item PLUS a great deal more by purchasing your bundle. You will find many customers just can't resist the bundle bargain.
  2. "It works fine by itself, but it REALLY works when you add THIS." If the accessory you are selling the RV customer works much better with a complimenting item, be sure to tell customers about it.  It is surprising how many products and services go hand in glove. It's hard to have one without needing the other.
  3. If a little worked, a LOT will work even better. As soon as you learn a customer is having success with a product that requires consistent purchases, offer them a good deal on more of it.