Increasing Distributor and Dealer Sales Through Improved Merchandising


Supplier Companies have many opportunities to assist their Distributor and Dealer partners increase the sales of their products.  One of the most effective ways to do this is to provide them with improved merchandising aids that can be easily implemented at the dealer level.

Product plan-o-grams, displays, signage, shelf talkers, and fixtures are all important aspects of the merchandising assistance dealers can benefit from.  However, everything begins with the product’s packaging!  The package needs to be attractive and stand out on the dealer’s shelf.  It needs to actually sell the enclosed product and clearly communicate the benefits it provides to the retail customer.  Also of importance, it needs to fit cleanly on the dealer’s shelf without hanging over into the aisle or running into the next product section.

Plan-o-grams and other types of product displays don’t just help the dealer, distributors and their sales people also benefit.  An attractive sales sheet for a display or plan-o-gram provides a great conversation starter for the WD sales person to use during their dealer visits.  It offers them a tool to improve their sales and, at the same time, show the dealer they have their best interests in mind.

When done properly, the display or plan-o-gram not only improves sales, it also allows the dealer to feel that they’ve enhanced the merchandising and retail environment in their store.  In the end, everyone wins – the Supplier, Distributor, and the Dealer enjoy increased sales and market penetration – and the Retail Customer is more easily able to find the product they were looking for, and that fulfills their needs.

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