RVAA Committee Update: Education Committee

While members have had several informal discussions, the Committee has not met formally as a group. We are planning to do so in the next two weeks or so. 
One central theme from our discussions is that RVAA should organize a "Dealer Council" advisory group. Several committee members feel we need to get more information, directly from the dealers, about what they want or need in order to make our efforts fit their desires for more information and/or training. This will be a main topic of discussion for our first formal meeting.
Dealer training is currently available through several sources, however, most of it centers on unit sales and F&I - not the dealer's parts store. RV Aftermarket training is limited at best, and is virtually non-existent from many of the current training sources available to dealers. The committee views this as an area RVAA is uniquely qualified to provide and, if executed properly, would be extremely beneficial to our members.

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