Sales Best Practices: Get your graphics up to standards!

From the Member Benefits Committee

STOP headaches and frustrations of having to crop or modify graphics.

Graphics files are constantly shared and used by suppliers and distributors for both print and web. By following the RVAA graphics guidelines, you can help ensure products and advertisements are accurately featured to maintain a high quality standard among the RVAA industry.

Some of the keys items in the Graphics Guidelines include:

Product images:

  • CMYK
  • Clipping Paths
  • 300 dpi
  • .jpg or .eps file

Important Note: Web graphics should be 72 dpi and will not work for print files. Make sure the file meets the print graphic requirements (CMYK listed above). It is easy to translate from CMYK to RGB, but not the other way around.


  • Provide in .ai or Vector .eps
  • CMYK

Web graphics:

  • low res images 72 dpi, RGB
  • 3” X 3” size
  • .gif or .jpg file

Following these basic guidelines will get you started on the path to great looking images and ads both in print and web media.

A picture is worth a thousand words so putting quality in your images will be worth the effort.

To learn more about the rest of RVAA’s Best Practices Graphics Guidelines go to

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