RVAA Introduces Product of the Year Award


I am pleased to announce that the Member Benefits Committee has created the RVAA Product of the Year Award. This award will be given out at the 2012 RVAA Executive Conference in Chicago, Illinois. The award was created to allow RVAA supplier members to showcase and earn recognition for new products that have been introduced into the RV Aftermarket. It also highlights the RV Aftermarket by demonstrating that there are lots of great new products in the marketplace.

Products submitted by suppliers into the Product of the Year showcase will be judged by a panel of dealers and distributors. All products that are submitted for entry will be placed in the 2012 RVAA Executive Conference booklet, displayed on RVAAHQ.org, and also displayed on Wednesday at the Membership Luncheon in Chicago during the Executive Conference. The winner and those that receive special recognition will be displayed in RV Pro magazine.

A special thanks goes out to the Member Benefits Committee for creating this award. I would also like to give Susan Carpenter (JR Products / Roba & Associates) and Matt Warner (Unified RV) recognition for their efforts in helping lead the charge to make this award a reality. This committee has really created a very good program that will add value to RVAA membership.

I would like to encourage all suppliers that are members of RVAA to participate in this new award program. The $100 entry fee will go to the RVAA general budget and help support future RVAA endeavors. To get more information about the RVAA Product of the Year and to submit an entry for this award, please visit www.rvaahq.org/productoftheyear

All entries must be received by June 1, 2012. Good luck to all the participants.

Aaron Engberg
RVAA President

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