Getting the Most Out of the Executive Conference Meetings

Each individual distributor has their own unique way of making the conference a success and the formula we use at Keller has served us well over the years. We go into the meetings as if we were going into an annual employee review. In doing so, we collect specific data based on information from the previous year. The data we compile is then broken down into 14 rating areas which are; Marketing Philosophy; Marketing Program; Delivery; Product Warranty; Product Returns; Customer Service; Artwork; Sales Representation; Invoicing; POP Packaging; Packing/Shipping; UPC Compliance; Product Channel Pull-Through and GMROI. We critique each area on a scale from 1 to 10 and we feel very strongly the information is important to our future growth within the RV industry. It’s important that the vendor clearly understands our needs and how they “measure up”. Every year as we step into the meeting room, vendors are anxiously awaiting their “report card” to see their score and everyone leaves the meeting with a clear vision of what changes, if any, are in store for the year ahead.  No matter which vendor we meet with, the same elements are in store. In the vendors eyes the “report card” from Keller, has become our signature mark and something they look forward to with much anticipation. It’s a valuable tool that is an integral part of what makes the RVAA Executive Conference a successful event for us.

 In addition, we review pricing and graphic standards guidelines to determine if the vendor is RVAA compliant, followed by a review of our Marketing Programs and Metrics.

Keller sees our company as a partner in the channel of distribution instead of a customer to the vendor. In a nutshell, we believe that Keller is a valuable extension of the vendor. This vision allows us to focus on the end consumer and to fulfill that role in order to become more efficient and effective. We ask our vendors what do they want from us and how can we aid them to be a better a better employee? The executive conference helps us to hone in on key areas to make the vision a reality.

Melissa Bilger

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Posted May 29, 2012 at 06:02 PM

The Keller system works great. I encourage all Distributors to use it. The system provides us with valuable feedback and because of the system we know we can trust the informaiton. Because they involve multiple people in their company to perform the assessment the information is extra valuable. we know the information is more than just the opinion or sentiments of the person we meet with at the conference.

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