What’s New at This Year’s Conference in Chicago?


Aaron Engberg – RVAA President

The RVAA Executive Conference is by far the biggest benefit to RVAA membership. All members are able to catch up with business associates, meet old friends, and create new relationships all in a week’s time. The format and agenda at this year’s conference is very close to those in the past. But, there are a few tweaks this year that you will find interesting.

Here’s a list of the most significant changes/additions to this year’s conference:

1. Attention all golfers – a bus will be shuttling all golfers to and from the golf course this year! No need to pack nine people in a midsize car anymore on the way to the course!

2. New Member Orientation – All new members will be introduced in a meet and greet line when we begin the Opening Reception.

3. Wednesday Luncheon – All members will meet together in one room. We will no longer split everybody up by membership category.

4. Dealer Council – Four prestigious dealers have been invited to participate in this year’s conference.

5. Product of the Year - This award will be given out during the Wednesday luncheon.

6. Thursday Night Reception – The reception will be off-site this year at the LUX BAR on 18 East Bellevue. This allows us to get away from the hotel for a while!

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