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Our RVAA Management Team is thrilled to be working on behalf of the RVAA organization!  We were asked to share a snapshot of some of the “behind the scenes” events/operations that are taking place.  It is our pleasure to be here to serve and offer our assistance to all of you with your membership.  Your valued investment with RVAA is important to us and a commitment we want to continue to earn throughout the year.            

Starting with our Communications Team  - Chris Barry is our Director of Communications. Ryan Foster is our Communications Manager. Together they coordinate with our Marketing Committee the layout for the monthly newsletter together with our annual printed directory at the Executive Conference. We also mail out a bi-annual printed newsletter. Numerous projects, advertisement and staying on top of all aspects of media communications (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) falls under their guidance. Danielle Griffin is also a Communications Manager and works with the Team on special projects. Both Chris and Ryan coordinate new initiatives with our website development strategies also with our Marketing Committee members. They also interface with all of our department personnel in coordinating our online membership renewal, online membership applications, scheduling advertisements opportunities and expansive coverage of our annual Executive Conference. They start almost immediately after our annual Executive Conference with planning/forecasting for next year’s Conference. 

Our Events Manager, Meg Pawelski is also working behind the scenes on planning our next year’s event throughout the year. Scouting out the site locations for future Conferences is an ongoing work in progress for Meg. All of the behind the scenes details that take place with planning our annual Conference  - from meeting rooms, receptions, luncheons, meal planning, advertising signage to name a few is under Meg’s talented guidance and direction. Meg brings many special gifts to the table in serving as our Events Manager. One of her specialties is making our events appear effortless when in truth a great deal of time has gone into planning/preparing all the details. She has a keen eye for excellence and our events run smoothly because of her dedication.  Meg also works closely with our President and the Board and Team in preparing for our annual Executive Conference and other meetings that take place during the year.   

Sarah Washburn, Operations Manager and her equally dedicated Team – Barbara Ciulla, Accounting Manager and Marita Grunert, Accounting Manager work together to keep all of our financials sound and in working order. The monthly financials, annual Executive Conference registrations and annual membership dues renewals all fall under their guidance and expertise.  Sarah works directly with the Board and our Treasurer to stay in close contact and communications regarding all aspects of RVAA’s financial reports. Sarah keeps a close eye on our entire RVAA Team to offer guidance/assistance/direction wherever needed for the overall seamless Operations of our entire group. 

I am the Member Services Manager, and it is my pleasure to work with our members and to assist in coordinating new members joining. Our online membership applications as they are received and processed. Our RVAA Membership Committee and Board of Directors work together in assisting with our annual membership renewals, applications and goals for the year. This in conjunction with prospective new members and spreading the word on the value behind the RVAA membership. I also have the good fortune to serve as the direct liaison with our four RVAA Committees that meet monthly for one hour conference calls. If you are interested in starting off 2013 with one of our Committees I am sure you will not be disappointed. This is an excellent way to become more involved and an opportunity to have your voice heard and to make a difference and to form new business associations/friendships within the RV Industry! I would be happy to talk to anyone interested in joining one of our four committees. We value each and every one of our volunteers and thank all our Committee members, Committee Co-Chairs and our Board of Directors.  It is through their generosity that we are able to promote and advocate new resources and initiatives to you our valued members.   

Lastly, our Executive Director, Patrick Farrey is the core of our RVAA group. It is through his guidance and direction that we are able to implement and promote new initiatives to all. Patrick partners closely with all aspects of our RVAA Management Team. His expertise and guidance is a valued tool and resource to the entire Team and Board. 

We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to all of our RVAA Members. Please don’t hesitate to contact us any time if we can be of any assistance. Happy Holidays to all!

Laura Hallen, Member Services Manager

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