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One of the many tasks of your RVAA Marketing Committee is to produce and distribute a monthly e-newsletter via email. This newsletter is designed to inform you of what is happening within the organization and provide topical articles relevant to our business. Since July of 2011 the committee has monitored the statistical trends within the newsletter to produce articles and information to better serve and interest our audience.

I would like to take this space to highlight some of the interesting facts and trends regarding the e-newsletter that we have seen to date.

The committee started this process in July of 2011 and began with a subscriber (email) list of 186 email addresses. We have steadily increased our subscriber list from 186 to now sending the e-newsletter to 729 subscribers as of the September 2012 edition!

Currently we are averaging a 41.7% “open” rate. An “open” is a term used to let us know who actually clicked on and opened the email in their inbox.  That is a very good average for an email blast as the national average for “opens’ is in the neighborhood of 20-22%.  We have experienced a high open rate of 57.3% in August 2011 and a low open rate of 32% in July 2012. Now those “open” rates can be a little skewed so let’s go in to a little more detail; When we achieved the high “open” rate we had 207 email addresses that received the that month’s newsletter. So out those 207 addresses, we had 102 people open the email. Now, in reference to the low “open” rate of 32%, the story is a bit different! The low “open” rate occurred in July of this year and we sent that newsletter to 715 email addresses. Of those 715 addressees, 199 opened the email. So while the percentage was skewed much lower we have increased the number of eyes who are seeing the newsletter.

Another interesting piece of information that we are getting from the e-newsletter is the articles that our readership are viewing. In our monthly report we are given the number of clicks an article receives and  we are beginning to develop trends as to what topics have relevance for our readership. For instance, the July 2011 article titled “Industry Trends/Hot Products for 2011” tops the list with the highest clicks as a percentage of subscribers with 13.98% of subscribers actually clicking on the article to open and read it. That month we had 186 subscribers. But a couple of other articles have had more subscribers actually click and read them! Both of the articles where in the August 2012 e-newsletter that was sent to 725 subscribers. The top honors went to “What’s new at this year’s Conference” which had 64 clicks out of 725 subscribers which equates to 8.83% of that months subscribers and “How to have a meaningful business meeting in 20 minutes” which had 53 clicks out of 725 subscribers for a 7.31% open rate.

There are many ways to look at and analyze the statistics we are getting regarding the e-newsletter. I wanted to give you just a glimpse of what we are seeing and how the committee is working to make the e-newsletter a valuable and interesting piece of information for you. In the end it’s an on-going process for the marketing committee and we hope that in the months to come you will take the time to “open” your RVAA e-newsletter and “click” on the articles that you find most interesting.

By the way, if you are receiving this e-newsletter and would like someone in your organization to also receive it, please go to www.rvaahq.org and click on the “join newsletter list” and enter the email address that you would like us to add to the list!


Doug Northcutt
Demco RV Products
RVAA Marketing Committee Co-Chair

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