RVAA Members Rate the 2012 Conference in Chicago


The RVAA Board of Directors surveyed attendees of the 2012 Conference in Chicago. The feedback from those surveyed will help provide information to improve future conferences. The data establishes a benchmark for the overall success of the 2012 conference.

The members were asked to rate 12 different items in the survey sent out by the Board. Each category was rated on a scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest mark and 5 being the highest mark. The survey also allowed members to enter in additional comments they had about the conference.

The overall experience for attendees at the conference was rated at a 4.11. The highest rated items in the survey were the appointment sessions (meetings) at 4.27 and the closing reception at 4.25. The lowest rated items were the informational webinar at 3.30 and the opening reception at 3.54.

Feedback from those surveys indicated that the overall conference was a success. People loved Chicago and they felt like the conference itself was very worthwhile. The most criticized portion of the conference was the small room for the opening reception and the fact that you had to move to a different location for the lunch presentations. These criticisms were expected because of the large growth in conference attendance this year.

An encouraging rating is that the Boston location rated very high at 4.13. That indicates that people are generally happy with the choice of venue for 2013.

The overall results of the conference survey are included below.

Aaron Engberg
Director, Mobile Products – Winegard Company
RVAA President