RVAA Committee Update: Member Benefits Committee


By: Matt Warner, Unified RV

As a newly formed Member Benefits Committee our purpose is to ensure that the members of the association are receiving the most benefit.  Currently, the greatest benefit we all enjoy is the Annual Executive Conference. 

The 2012 Executive Conference was held downtown Chicago, IL, at the beautiful Omni Hotel. The hotel was in a great location for those who wanted to get out a visit the city. The meetings and socials gave all a great opportunity to work and renew friendships that make this a great industry. Kellen Company did a great job of organizing the meeting rooms to be centrally located and made it beneficial for those who are normally running to and from meetings. To see the results of the membership survey on the conference, read the December RVAA e-newsletter.

There were a few noteworthy items introduced and changed at the conference. First were the changes to the bylaws. The most drastic changes made were to the Distributor Member classifications. Members of the Distributor Section will now be classified under one of three subsections, but all members continue to receive the same benefit. The changes were made to reemphasize the Association’s commitment to two-step distribution. To review these bylaws changes and others please visit the website.

Next, the first annual Product of the Year Showcase was a great success.  There were 27 products that were introduced through the Product of the Year program. These products are currently showcased at http://showcase.rvaahq.org/ and were prominently displayed throughout the conference, giving the products and the vendors great exposure. Furthermore, RV Pro Magazine included a nice write up about this year’s winner, Thetford’s Port-a-Potti Curve. Members of the newly formed Dealers Council and randomly selected Distributor Members judged the products. We look forward to introducing more products at the 2013 conference. 

A small but significant change was the new automated meeting scheduler generously donated by the Winegard Company. The scheduler worked well and should be even better this year.

Susan Carpenter and the Membership Benefits Committee have been working on a few other programs that could add benefit to the membership. There was a lot of effort put into the Statistical Survey. The survey would have given the industry sales figures at the Distributor level. However, after receiving feedback from the membership this program has been put on hold.

Here are a few new things to look forward to in 2013:

  • The 2013 Executive Conference will be held on August 12-16 in Boston, MA at the Omni Hotel  
  • Improved Supplier Rating Form which will have more easily defined and measurable values 
  • Improved meeting scheduler
  • 2nd Annual Product of the Year Showcase
  • Plus many items that are in the works

I would like to thank the Membership Benefits Committee for all of their hard work, it’s a great committee to be on. I you would like to join the committee and offer your talents please contact Laura Hallen.

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