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We need your help spreading the word about RVAA membership! To help us do this, the RVAA Membership Committee started a new initiative/promotion last year that has gained great momentum. We would like to continue on this course by asking you to show your RVAA Proud Member display card prominently at your booth at all trade shows where you exhibit (pictures of members “proudly displaying” attached). We would also appreciate your “keeping” this sign to reuse from show-to-show. We will be able to save a few trees too! 

In addition, we would welcome your sending us pictures of your booth highlighting your Proud Member card so we can share in our communications! Please feel free to e-mail your pictures to RVAA Communications Manager, Ryan Foster.  If you have anything you would like to share about the picture/event, by all means feel free to let us know! If you do not have one, just let Laura Hallen know and she will get one to you. 

We have also developed a “2013 Proud Member” logo that you are welcome to add to your business website. You can download the 2013 Proud Member logo here. We also encourage you to post your Proud Member card at your place of business too! 

Thank you for your great help and feel free to contact us if you would be interested in joining the Membership Committee. It is a great group and we are always recruiting new members (one hour conference call a month)!

Questions can be directed to Laura Hallen, RVAA Member Services Manager, 630-596-9004, X100. 

Thank you! 

RVAA Membership Committee

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