A Note from RVAA President Jim Stark - September 2013

I sincerely hope everyone enjoyed our recent RVAA Conference in Boston. Since the conclusion of your visit to historic Boston, I also hope you’ve been busy following up profitable leads generated during your meetings at the conference. While the Omni Parker House Hotel and the City of Boston provided a unique venue for our meetings, along with a window into the formative years of our country, the true value of the conference is to enable our membership to gain and/or improve profitable relationships with their Aftermarket Industry member partners. You may rest assured the RVAA Board and Management Company are very much aware of this simple fact, and will make every possible effort to maintain and improve the “value aspect” of our future conferences.

Since the conclusion of the conference, I’m pleased to report all of the RVAA Committees have been actively involved in setting their agendas and goals for the year. I would also like to offer my sincere thanks to George Grengs and Craig Waugh for accepting the role of Co-Chairs for our Membership Committee. While all of our committees impact the growth and value of RVAA membership, the Membership Committee has an even greater importance to the future of RVAA. New members are the life-blood of any organization, and I sincerely appreciate George and Craig volunteering to lead this important committee.

While we’re on the subject of “volunteering”, I would like to encourage all of our members to consider joining one of the RVAA Committees. These committees play an important role in the future and value of our organization. I’m confident that the members of these committees gain new insight into the inner workings of our organization and derive an extra measure of value from their membership. I’m also confident that each and every committee would welcome new members, and would value your efforts in moving them forward to meet their goals. 

Thank you again for attending our conference in Boston. I look forward to seeing you at our 2014 Executive Conference in New Orleans next summer!


Jim Stark
RVAA President