MAT Survey - Update

By John Tinghitella

RVAA MAT Task Force, left to right:
Georgiann Voissem, Susan Carpenter, Steve Christenson, Chris Carpenter, Andrea Mullin, John Tinghitella and Rosie Hirsch

What a great market we live in! We get to serve the 9 million dedicated RV’ers that crisscross our country every day. And this strong organization, RVAA, works relentlessly to make it better for all of us.

One area we can improve on is access to relevant market information. That’s where the MAT initiative comes in. Long story short it’s about pooling information in a safe, confidential as an industry, and individuals, we can use this data to help us grow. As a small business owner I value the ability to understand my position in the market and benchmark for future growth.

I’ve stated in this column before, “It’s about knowing”. Why bother? It’s simple. As business leaders / owners we constantly navigate among the 4 people groups that make up our company: customers, employees, vendors and shareholders. No big surprise but today’s business world runs on information. Better decisions always come from better knowledge. As we pursue customers, recruit employees, secure vendor relationships and strengthen our financial partnerships…we achieve more success by knowing our relative position in the market, and where it is going. This is healthy and valuable. 

The MAT initiative is forging forward “full speed ahead”! Participants have just provided 3rd quarter data inputs as RVAA continues to collect and organize relevant market statistics. The foundation is expanding and we need your participation!

The MAT task force is developing a Webinar in the near future to explain the procedure and allay any concerns members might have. Please join us in the Webinar, and become a part of this growing initiative.

John Tinghitella, RV Designer