A Note from RVAA President, Jim Stark

Spring has finally arrived! RVAA can’t think of a better way to celebrate the season than to announce our line up for our 2015 Executive Conference in Vancouver! Our first step will include opening up our Conference registration on Monday, April 13! We will email every company a registration/payment form and request you complete and remit by our deadline date of Friday, June 12. 

Secondly, we will open up “Step Two” on Thursday, June 18! We will also email the representative(s) at each company (that completed Step One by June 12 deadline) the online meeting request form. This step requires your selecting all of the businesses you would like to schedule a meeting with during our Executive Conference. This registration form’s deadline date is: Thursday, July 10, 2015. 

Lastly, we will email your final 2015 Executive Conference Meeting Schedules (to everyone that completed Step Two by June 12 deadline) on Thursday, July 16. This will allow everyone four weeks to make any updates to their individual meeting schedule (by contacting members directly prior to our Conference on August 17).   

Our Membership Committee will also be hosting their annual “Pre-Conference Webinar” covering how to maximize your 2015 conference experience on Wednesday, June 3, 2015 at 12 Noon CST. They will review our Step One and Step Two registration information together with sharing an overview of how to make changes to your schedule once you receive your final schedule on July 16. Additionally they will cover the “best practices” to fully utilize all of the resources/meeting appointments during our three day conference. We encourage anyone attending our Executive Conference this year for the first time to join us for this excellent webinar! We also invite anyone that would be interested in a “refresher” to also join us. George Grengs (Valterra), Rosie Hirsch (RVLI) and Steve Johnson (Northern Wholesale) from our Membership Committee will be serving as our webinar hosts this year. The webinar will also be recorded and available on our website for future viewing.     

We encourage everyone to mark down these upcoming important dates but also know we will be sending out reminders on everything that is coming up. Spring is a great season for taking advantage of new opportunities and we hope you will consider taking advantage of our full service menu of options at this time!  

On behalf of myself and our RVAA Board of Directors, we thank each one of you for your valued membership and extend our best regards for continued success with your business throughout and beyond this season! We anticipate several home runs throughout this season as we head into Summer preparing for another outstanding Executive Conference for all.

Following please see the RVAA Spring opportunities schedule:

Spring Regards!

Jim Stark
President, RVAA