MAT Recap: A New Direction

In today’s business world, it’s about “knowing”.  The world moves on information. So last year we embarked on a journey to bridge the gap. The MAT initiative was developed to survey and record important data and statistics for the use of membership. A series of surveys were filled out and recorded (confidentially). We were on our way to building a nice foundation of industry data for membership benefit. But there was a problem: lack of participation. Most members are privately held businesses. Confidential data is a tough thing to let go of. That said, the need still exists. So...we’ve listened to the feedback and course corrected. The team has reduced and simplified the survey. Just focusing on high level information that is non-threatening, but relevant. Participating members can fill out as much or as little as they wish. 

If you’ve resisted in the past but want to take another shot, let’s talk about it. A team member would be honored to explain the new program.

At the conference we talked about the importance of this initiative. Here’s a quick recap of key points:

  • Our economy runs on information. And while we are in a healthy, wonderful market…we do have a weakness: lack of relevant information about ourselves.
  • Many industries in numerous markets share information in a safe, confidential manner. 
  • Good market data allows us to manage our businesses in a better way. We can benchmark our position as we inform the key people groups that make up our livelihood: customers, employees, vendors and shareholders.
  • The MAT team absorbed member feedback, and course corrected recently. Our quarterly surveys are shorter, simpler and easier to fill out.
  • To preview the two questions that are included on the MAT survey, please click here to view. 
  • To participate in the MAT Quarterly Surveys, please email us and we will be in touch!

We can do this! 


John Tinghitella
President, RV Designer
Chairman of the MAT Task Force