Making the most of your RVAA membership

Being a member of RVAA provides your company with opportunities to effectively meet and build relationships with key decision-makers within the industry.

There are many benefits to being a member, such as serving on a committee or RVAA’s board of directors, to meeting with nearly 100 of the top suppliers and distributors in the industry in one location at our annual three-day RVAA Executive Conference. This prominent event allows suppliers, distributors, agents and service businesses in the RV industry to meet and develop strategies for expanding their business in the coming year.

RVAA was formed in 1969 as a way to represent the distributor, supplier and manufacturer’s agent segments of the recreational vehicle industry. Today, RVAA still meets its goal in representing the billion-dollar RV aftermarket.

According to RVAA President Susan Carpenter, said the RVAA board of directors represents all shapes and sizes of the RV market and notes that members are very important to the organization as a whole.

“Our members are the ones who keep this industry going and growing,” Carpenter said.

Open communication is another benefit of RVAA, with the organization providing a digital interactive membership directory with latest updates to member information to all RVAA members. Offered exclusively to members, companies get a chance to send in press releases to RVAA for further distribution and the participation in Company encourage the participation in our Company Spotlight write-ups or social media blasts.

A feature called “Your Best Pitch” will soon make its debut in the eNewsletters as well. This new opportunity gives members a chance to talk about current sales practices and offer an opportunity to discuss their best pitch to a client or organization. We are currently taking suggestions for interviewees and those interested in participating should reach out to Marketing Communications Manager LeAnne Munoz at

For more information about how to make the most of your RVAA membership, email