Conference Committee

The Conference Committee plans all aspects of RVAA's biggest event: the Executive Conference. This group meets year-round to develop the schedule, plan for awards and provides feedback to RVAA staff to help manage onsite events. 
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Education Committee

The Education Committee creates programs and activities within RVAA to help grow the RV Aftermarket. These programs and activities are targeted towards RV parts managers and parts personnel of RV dealerships. The committee's role includes professional training and information to help RV aftermarket, and creates outreach programs and partnerships with other associations driven to help the RV Aftermarket. 
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Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee helps promote and drive major initiatives, primarily through communication to members and the RV industry at large as necessary, that support and advance the mission and vision of the Association.  The main responsibilities of this committee currently include a monthly newsletter, a semi-annual print newsletter, and managing the content on the RVAA homepage. Also included in the Marketing Committee’s role is measuring participation in different initiatives, creating and managing databases, and providing marketing support for other RVAA committees.
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Membership Committee

The Membership Committee recruits and identifies new companies to join RVAA, as well as creates programs for retention of RVAA’s current members. Programs aimed at educating, mentoring, and helping support new members that have joined RVAA are also created in this committee. This committee plays a large role in advising membership during the Executive Conference as well.
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