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Interested in presenting a Dealer Training Webinar?

Take advantage of an opportunity to get in front of the RVAA audience! For a fee, you can represent your company by presenting a topic of interest specific to the RVAA membership in an RVAA Dealer Training webinar.

If you would like to submit a topical presentation that would be of high interest to the recreational vehicle aftermarket community, please click here to submit your topic idea. Once you submit your idea, RVAA will contact you with approval to present.

Possible topics include:

  • Webinars can include feature/benefit sales training that shows available, effective merchandising aids. Plus, proven sales building and merchandising techniques.
  • Approved installation applications, service & troubleshooting, and maintenance training.

Cost to present:
Three promotions prior to your presentation date will include your company logo and link to your company's website, as well as a synopsis of your presentation.